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LO. Studio Palais 220g Scented Candle

LO. Studio Palais 220g Scented Candle

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Each of Lo.Studio's candles tell a story based on memories, unique stories you can read in its case, but only know in their burning.

Palais's Story is, born in Austria in 1755, Marie Antoinette married the future French King Louis XVI when she was just 15 years old…

Around the time she had caught that first hint of the velvety pink Persian damask rose that became her one true love at Versailles. 

“Let them smell Damask”, she might have said.

“Not at all an English Rose.”

Fragrance Rose, Agarwood, Santal, Praline & Oud

Colour Multi

Material Candle Glass is 20% Recycled Glass, Cotton Paper Wick,  lids are 80% recycled steel, boxes use 80% recycled paper, Natural Wax Blend. 

Weight (g) 220g

Care Up to 60 Hours Burn Time 


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