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LO. Studio Bergamot Clouds 220g Scented Candle

LO. Studio Bergamot Clouds 220g Scented Candle

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Each of Lo.Studio's candles tell a story based on memories, unique stories you can read in its case, but only know in their burning.

Bergamot Cloud's story is, I laid on my side on a bergamot cloud Yawned then sipped from a cup brushed by Dali. It shifted and melted and I smile and still want it
With an eiderdown duvet hovering above me. The scene was a candle that I then could not handle. But now if I burn anything – That’s it

Fragrance Bergamot, Sandalwood, Violet, Patchouli & Incense

Colour Multi

Material Candle Glass is 20% Recycled Glass, Cotton Paper Wick,  lids are 80% recycled steel, boxes use 80% recycled paper, Natural Wax Blend. 

Weight (g) 220g

Care Up to 60 Hours Burn Time 


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